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Pottery was really fun! I enjoyed the self-taught session we had yesterday (:

Even though I think the idea of imprinting the textures on the clay wasn’t really sucessful we all learnt and touched a bit on how to do pottery. We discussed futher and have realised in looking into doing paper sculptures. Which we will be doing today. Hopefully it’ll turn out well (:



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Now I feel the intuition is very important in the works we do. Honesty in the works that we do will lead to great works done. The interview with Cikgu Iskandar Jalil was awesome. I really enjoyed the session with him. The session was very fulfilling for myself. I think wabi sabi has begun to influence my life in one way or another.

Final Lap

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We are done with our write up on what we want to do. I think everything is taking place. We’re now concreting ideas for our installations and what we want to put up for the installations. Moodboard has also been done. It feels good that we’ve got a concrete concept to play with. (:

Still searching

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We roughly know what we want to do but we don’t know what we think we should do. Basically I feel that things are more or less getting into place only that some thoughts are very vague.

We are still doing on more sketches and going into try outs with real images on PS today. Hopefully we are not behind time.


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Wabi sabi. All about sketching what we feel about wabi sabi. More research to be done. All about doing more to what we already have done. 

We did some research on guerilla advertising also. Im trying to post pictures up but there’s a problem with the loading. Pictures will be coming soon (:

Excited but…

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We went to OldSchool to check out the parts that we thought of putting our installations. And now we decided, OldSchool is actually not where we wanted to put up our artworks. We felt that OldSchool A) No crowd B) too expensive C) defeats the purpose ( as we want the masses to know about the message we want to spread, not ALOT of people actually visits OldSchool)

But now we are just going to go into the development of more concepts and starting execution soon. We’ll think of the place later. Hope to get somewhat somewhere soon. 😦

A new week

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The weekends have been quite productive. We met up with Foliohouse. We discussed and got some things finalised. But still our problem is the location. So we are hoping to settle the location for our installation by Weds latest. Hopefully things will turn out well.

Now it’s abt concreting our ideas, finalising our concepts for execution soon.

More to come!


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Much thinking process done. Need more sketches to get more ideas out.

We have looked at possibilities of Foliohouse and Starbucks Coffee. But concrete concepts are not out yet.

But we have listed out possibilities of what can and cannot be done. Still keeping our minds open to other possibilities.

More to come (: